I'll be better when you're gone

Right now I wanna free fall
And not think of you anymore
But I cant help it
No I cant help it
Cause If I spoke the truth
The whole time I just wanted you
And that sweet smile
Ill miss your sweet smile
Even when you're telling me
Ill be strong, stronger when you're gone
I can' t keep holding
I cant hold on
So when it hurts
Think of what came first
When we tried to make it work
But ill be better when you're gone
Better when you're gone
I'll be better when you're gone
Why does all that I do
Always remind me of you?
I cant escape it
Don't want to escape it
just give me one more day
One more day of you and me
when I close my eyes
I wont sleep tonight
Cause your words ring in my ears
The words you said are still haunting me
So tonight, I'll hope for better dreams
Where I'll be strong, you'll be wrong
And I'll finally have the strength to say
That I'm better now you're gone
better now you're gone
So much better now you're gone
Better now you're gone.


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